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Datum360 effortlessly connects your people and your teams with your Engineering Information and Asset Management data providing a true collaborative Connected Data Platform across all areas of your business.


Whether you are configuring, managing or using the Datum360 Connected Data Platform, the intuitive user interface and tools provide for rapid on-boarding and an engaging mobile user experience.


The Datum360 Connected Data Platform API integration allows the platform to evolve with the needs of your business to work with existing and future applications or tools.

We have been greatly impressed by the speed in which Datum360 deployed the system.

Developments Project Information Manager, BP

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Specify and define your precise data requirements for the supply chain via Class libraries / Reference Data Library (RDL).

  • Configure to your standards
  • Specify requirements
  • BIM

Every tool required to collate, manage and report your data.

  • Intelligent document scraping
  • Powerful search tools
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Total user collaboration

Powerful controlled access features to manage data changes with a full lifecycle audit trail.

  • Rigorous change management
  • Audit trails
  • Controlled access levels

Provides seamless integration of all Engineering Information and Asset Management Data with all your other systems at lightning speed.

  • Cloud Based
  • Digital Twin Data Backbone
  • Easy in easy out
  • Mobile enabled
Infographic image showing the asset lifecycle Infographic image showing the asset lifecycle

Working to the right standards

Datum360 has a long heritage of working with open standards such as ISO 15926, POSC/Caesar, ISO 55000, ISO 14224, BIM, ISA 84, etc.

We are working at the heart of an emerging Engineering Information standard for the project called CFIHOS (Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification). It will deliver a consistent and explicit specification for the engineering information required for operations across the process and related infrastructure industries.

The Datum360 Connected Data Platform is used to host and manage the CFIHOS Reference Data Library.


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