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Datum360 - CLS360 Datasheet

27.05.20 Platform Datasheets

CLS360 is Datum360’s leading class library platform, for defining and managing both corporate and project-specific engineering information and asset data requirements within a granular and rigorous data governance framework.

Just a few of CLS360's benefits

  • Defines specification precisely - know what you asked for, know what you got
  • Creates data-driven class library - eliminates the need for customized developments
  • Maps internal customer data to industry standards e.g. ISO 15926, CFIHOS, ISO 19650 - supports data compliance with industry standards
  • Manages classification iteration and variants - delivers consistent class library definitions to all corporate and project software systems, maintaining data governance integrity

Find out more about CLS360 with our datasheet download below, you can also contact us here

The Datum360 platform provides effortless delivery of your Engineering Information and Asset Data.

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