The Water Industry and Datum360

Water companies are increasingly looking to technology to provide greater efficiency and network intelligence, and to harness information to improve operations.

Using the Datum360 Connected Data Platform, we are supporting water industry companies to realize the benefits of digitalization, and digital assets.

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The challenge

Many water companies are focusing on how digital transformation can help clear and transparent decision making in challenging locations, but the real challenge is how to begin connecting disparate data and information from facilities and the water network in a one Platform for review, change management and effective use for maintenance and operations.

The solution in 3 simple steps

  • Establishes the data structures (Classes) and business rules required for the data, information and digital content to be gathered so that the data is consistent and complete.
  • Setting up and managing changes to the data structures is very quick and changes are rolled out across the whole system instantaneously.
  • Industry standards can be applied to data – setting the standards for information requirements and measurement.
  • Maintaining data and information in a trusted, shared data backbone, accessible online or via a mobile app.
  • Information is shared on an application independent connected data platform
  • Access to the data and information, including documents and digital content is available online and offline using devices or desktops.
Connected data
  • Connected critical digital information in a single, easy to use, visualisation Platform.
  • Essential information such as design data, equipment information, supplier specifications, drawings, and models are available quicker to support critical activities such as engineering, planning, site maintenance work, site surveys, and equipment and infrastructure replacement.

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