Serica Energy, UK North Sea

Serica Energy is a British independent upstream oil and gas company with operations centred on the UK North Sea with a full range of exploration, development, and production assets.

They operate the Bruce, Keith and Rhum fields in the UK Northern North Sea, as well as holding an interest in the Erskine field in the Central North Sea.

Serica acquired the Bruce and Keith production assets from BP in November 2018.

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The challenge

Serica’s digital transformation journey had the challenge of connecting disparate data, in different formats (such as 1D and 2D data), for brownfield assets. This involved connecting data across the various systems in use and planned for future use, for the safe and efficient maintenance and operation of the assets.

The solution in 3 simple steps


PIM360 is being utilized as the single source of truth for 1D data, and as such, is at the core of the Connected Data Platform.


CLS360 was utilized to provide the structure to enable Serica to manage the existing complex Asset data from the acquired Assets.

Connected data

By using CLS360 and PIM360 (The Datum360 Connected Data Platform) multiple systems (now and planned) are connected for trusted information; including Control of Work (WorkSafe), Maintenance (Maximo), Ex Inspection (SafeEx), Asset Visualisation (GDI), Risk Based Inspections (Plant Integrity Management), Flange Management (Asset55) and Engineering Documents (SharePoint).

The immediate business value is that it’s going to be easier for the engineers to find data, and also find the right data, having good data integrity to support their decision making

David Ireson, Technical Assurance & Projects Manager, Serica Energy

M C C - 13- P T - 60
The wider foundational value is harder to quantify, but for the different systems we plan to deploy, getting this work done early, will lay the foundations, with really good sets of data, so when we get to deploying the systems, we are confident that the data we are using is the right data. 

David Ireson, Technical Assurance & Projects Manager, Serica Energy

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