Linear Assets and Datum360

Managing and operating spatially distributed engineering assets situated on linear networks such as pipelines, rail and power distribution networks requires the availability of information, such as mechanical and electrical information, along with supporting documents and digital information relating to the individual components remotely located along the networks.

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The challenge

Accessing current data and the information that is required for the efficient and safe maintenance and operations of linear assets can be a challenge for organizations managing these assets. The data needs to be available to throughout the full lifecycle of the assets and available for the various stakeholders and users in expansive locations and sometimes remote locations.

The solution in 3 simple steps

  • Used to establish the data structures (Classes) and business rules required for the data, information and digital content to be gathered so that the data is consistent and complete.
  • Setting up and managing changes to the data structures is very quick and changes are rolled out across the system instantaneously.
  • Maintaining data and information in a trusted, shared data backbone, accessible online/ offline or via devices allows operators to instantly access all mechanical, electrical and spatial data as well as all documents and support digital content relating to the components of that network, or of the network itself.
  • The Datum360 Connected Data Platform receives and manages data from any data generator and makes the information and support data available to users in a true collaborative environment.
  • Access to the data and information, including documents and digital content is available online or offline and on mobile devices.
Connected data
  • Data can be uploaded into the system via standard Excel spreadsheets, or can be automated using the PIM360 API.
  • Data from the IoT, remote sensors and other digital sources can be shared as digital content or related to geospatial locations.
  • Spatial information maintained in the system can be shared via CAD, GIS or any geospatial reporting system.

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