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Black & Veatch is engaged as a Business Integrator for a multi-year Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) transformation program at one of the largest Gas Transmission, Distribution and Storage utilities, operating across 4 states in the U.S. The EAM Program is intended to implement process standardization and improvement, enhance asset lifecycle data integrity (treat data as a company asset), consolidate systems associated with an asset, work and integrity management. This would enable a Gas Utility to manage its fixed plant gas assets to optimize costs with reliability and resiliency, improve analytics-based decision making, while also improving pipeline safety, operational efficiency and effectiveness.

With multiple mergers and acquisitions, the asset lifecycle data was at different levels of maturity across the Gas Utility. As part of the EAM program, it was critical to conduct a rapid data integrity assessment and develop indicative quantitative metrics that highlight the data integrity and data quality issues across the various systems.

Black & Veatch used the Datum360 Connected Data Platform for the rapid data integrity assessment of approximately 1 million tags across 10 asset management, compliance and work systems including geospatial asset information in Geographic Information Systems.

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The challenge

Black & Veatch required a rapid assessment of the existing asset lifecycle data to understand the level of data integrity issues across the systems, and what it takes to realize the vision of treating data as a Gas Utility asset. Here are the major objectives of the assessment:

  • Provide a baseline, current ‘State of the Data’ assessment to develop and measure improvement initiatives against.
  • Evaluate empirical evidence of issues across databases and operating companies to identify the most critical gaps and business needs
  • Provide insights and recommendations to improve Gas data integrity and quality for better analytics-based decision-making and to improve public safety through Integrity and Risk Management
  • Provide context for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Business Case implications and associated level of effort for addressing data integrity issues.

The solution in 3 simple steps


PIM360 was used to import 28 million+ operational records with 1 million tags from 10 disparate assets, work and geospatial sources and present in a standardized, useable format for further analysis and develop future state recommendations


CLS360 provided Black & Veatch a robust platform to compare and contrast the disparate data from various sources which were not all categorized in a standard format. Asset Management, Work History and GIS (Geospatial) data were analyzed in the categories of:

  • Data Quality – Missing / Redundant / Unstructured / Conflicting data
  • Data Divergence – Divergence across Asset, Work History and GIS systems
  • Data Integrity Across Systems – Integrity across systems for same data, fragmentation of data
Connected data

The data integrity analysis leveraging PIM360 and CLS360 provided impactful insights to the Gas Utility executives to:

  • Understand the current data integrity issues through indicative quantitative metrics that highlight the significance to the Gas business
  • Approve future state recommendations shaping the EAM transformation program and set the foundation to move toward analytics-based decision making
Using the Datum360 Connected Data Platform’s ability to rapidly consolidate millions of records from disparate systems and present in a standardized, user-friendly format for analysis, allowed us to quickly provide the Gas Utility executive leadership with insightful analysis of the current asset lifecycle data.

Abhijeet Naik, Managing Director, Black and Veatch

M C C - 13- P T - 60
This assessment helped us develop and implement future state enterprise asset lifecycle data recommendations to achieve Gas Utility’s objective of enhancing analytics-based decision making and treating data as an asset.

Abhijeet Naik, Managing Director, Black and Veatch

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