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Workshop with Serica Energy, SafeEx & Sword: Focus on Field Inspection

16.06.21 Webinar

Serica Energy is working with the Datum360 Connected Data software Platform and Sword, using their combined expertise and technology to increase the integrity of engineering information for Bruce, one of Serica’s UK Northern North Sea producing assets.

Serica Energy, Datum360, Sword and SafeEx joined forces to deliver a 30-minute webinar.

The focus of this session was improving field inspection asset data and increasing asset integrity by using the combination of Datum360's Connected Data platform and SafeEx's maintenance software.

This is just one example of how Datum360 is being used as a data backbone by Serica Energy to share data between key systems, eliminating data duplication and synchronisation problems. Master data is maintained in one place, providing a 'single source of truth'.

If you would like to hear how Serica Energy has increased field inspection efficiency by 30% and gained confidence in the integrity of their asset data, you can access the session recording below.

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