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Standards-based Information Governance - will CFIHOS help? Datum360 post webinar summary

[fa icon="calendar"] 25/05/17 17:20 / by Matt McKinley

Matt McKinley

In short, the answer to the question is yes!

If you didn’t get to join this webinar live, or you haven’t watched the recording yet, in summary; we discussed the opportunity of driving down time, cost and effort from a typical situation of reactive crisis management moving to proactive approach of classification with validation that will add value to trusted engineering / technical information.


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What is CFIHOS?

Capital Facilities Handover Specification – in short, it’s a project that is collaborating with the process industries, to improve and implement a standardised Reference Data Library (RDL); with the aim of setting an industry specification standard for information requirements. The project is managed by USPI-NL

Datum360 is the host provider of the platform that is maintaining the CFIHOS RDL, using our cloud based Class Library System, CLS360, we are also a CFIHOS member and active contributors to the project.


The webinar recording

You can catch up with the webinar recording here it’s just over 30 minutes long, our target duration for our webinars but there were so many great questions from the audience that we decided to keep going into overtime!


Feedback and sentiment about the CFIHOS standardised RDL from our webinar audience  

Thanks to the audience who gave us feedback after the live webinar, we gained great insight into the sentiment about the CFIHOS RDL.

We know that just the thought of ‘another new standard’ for managing information for experienced Information Management professionals could induce tears (or maybe just cynicism)! But we were glad to see that most of our webinar audience are feeling positive about CFIHOS.

CFIHOS benefits.jpg

This adds to our own experience and observations that confidence in the CFIHOS RDL is gaining momentum, we’re glad to be involved in a project that is aligned with Datum360's core philosophy that managing a Master harmonized RDL (aka Class Library) with an ability to directly configure your information management data model is absolutely the best way to take advantage of selective industry standards that support the specific goals of each individual client.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the webinar in our blog comments.

More information about the CFIHOS project can be found here.

Sins.jpg In search of Information Management Truth! 
Safety.jpg Could you avoid the consequences of poorly managed engineering information?
Sausage_Sizzle.jpg The answer to information management is a class library, so what's the question?

Topics: Information Handover Specification, Information Management, CFIHOS (Capital Facilities Information Handover)

Matt McKinley

Written by Matt McKinley

Matt is Datum360’s former VP of Business Development. During a career, which spans from commissioning engineer in the UK North Sea to sales of leading process industry software from the likes of Intergraph, Aveva and Comos. Matt has gained over 25 years  of international experience in the process and power industry.  Most recently Matt, based in Houston, led North American teams at Aveva and Siemens where he was serving clients with repeated engineering information management and process safety challenges.   Coming from a family of tri-athletes, Matt understands the need for planning and preparation based on ever improving performance and fit for purpose capabilities.