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Standards-based Information Governance ….will CFIHOS help?

[fa icon="calendar"] 05/05/17 16:40 / by Team360


First things first, if you haven’t heard of CFIHOS – Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification – in short, it’s a project which is collaborating with the process industries, to improve and implement a standardised Reference Data Library (RDL);  with the aim of setting an industry specification standard for information requirements. The project is managed by USPI-NL

The project is gaining real momentum with owner operators on board; such as BP, Chevron, Exxon Shell and Total, contractors and equipment suppliers are also involved, alongside software vendors (including us); so basically, everything the project needs to achieve the objective of adoption of the standard in the real world!

What has Datum360 got to do with it?

Well, we are a member of the CFIHOS project team, alongside other software vendors, providing support in the definition of core information requirements and functionality needed by the industry in tools that will develop. Datum360 is also the host provider of the platform that is maintaining the CFIHOS RDL, using our Class Library System, CLS360; from here we will publish every new release to members and fellow software companies. It’s a project that we are happy to invest our time in for the greater good of improved information handover, this is something that we recognise really needs to happen!

Find out more in our webinar

We get asked about CFIHOS regularly and we are happy to share our experience of being involved in this project with USPI-NL. As a response to this interest, we recently delivered a 30 minute webinar called 'Standards-based Information Management Governance, will CFIHOS help?' If you would like to view the recording, you can access it here or hit the button below.

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