BP select Datum360 for major Caspian Basin Oilfield Project

Datum360 has successfully delivered its leading cloud based solution that will standardise engineering information for the largest oilfield project in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian basin.

Datum360 was appointed the contract by BP to deliver a data warehouse for the Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Guneshli (ACG) project located 100km east of Baku.

BP’s Category B projects cover three major oilfields in the Azeri sector. These oilfields span over seven platforms including Chirag, Central Azeri and Deepwater Gunashli and have transformed Azerbaijan into a major global energy supplier whilst also redefining Europe’s energy map.

The contract involved the implementation of the Datum360 standard engineering data warehouse, which created a central point for collecting standardised engineering information, and as such increased the BP’s operational efficiency through eliminating the use of multiple software tools.

Commenting on the project, Azerbaijan Developments Project Information Manager at BP, Farah Mizrajanova, said;

“We required a user friendly and consistent solution to bringing engineering information together and Datum360’s engineering data warehouse does exactly that,”

“We now have one centralised approach to collecting data, which means, as a result, we have significantly increased our operational efficiency, saving us both time and money.”

“Our team can now spend more time reviewing the quality and completeness of engineering information rather than wasting time manipulating the data as they have done previously.”

“We have been greatly impressed by the speed in which the system was deployed. Due to the simplicity and structured approach of Datum360, the team became self-sufficient in using it within less than two weeks of deployment after a thorough knowledge transfer from the Datum360 team.”

Speaking about the project, Steve Wilson, CEO at Datum360 said:

“We are extremely pleased to have delivered our solution in such a short space of time. Within our sector, companies such as ours are notoriously known to have lengthy implementation from pilot stages - in some cases with implementation spanning from months into years - leaving owner operators with spiralling costs.”

“We are going against the industry norm and successfully demonstrating with each contract win that we can successfully rapidly deploy our cloud based system. Once deployed, Datum360 is proven to deliver fast, accurate and reliable engineering information ensuring owner operators save time and money in asset intensive programmes.”

“It is estimated that an engineer can spend up to 60% of their time moving and organising data on such projects. With our system, we have dramatically reduced this time for the team at BP.”

Datum360 brings together engineering data from several contractors at project completion in a concise and succinct format. By using Datum360, BP’s project teams benefited from extremely fast import and export of data as well as having the ability to view and access a single point of truth for their data.

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