2017: Datum360 delivers a record year for Growth

Statement from Steve Wilson – CEO, Datum360

When I look back it seems a long time ago since we decided to develop the most comprehensive Engineering / Asset Management Information system with a view to deploying it rapidly and making it simple for our customers and their supply chain to adopt and implement.

Setting your business model to develop disruptive technology is not an easy venture, especially when you are up against global organizations that have built their business model on large scale, long duration, costly and complicated systems.

But we stuck to our vision and in 2017 we were successful in many follow on projects from our customer base that we had slowly built up and deployed their first projects. This has led to 70% growth in our business.

We have delivered our first global agreement with a major oil & gas business. We have completed 2nd, 3rd and 4th projects with some customers. But most importantly, we have delivered to our customers the ability to deploy and use the Datum360 solution rapidly, cost effectively and successfully time after time.

Although we initially started strong in the Oil & Gas sector, we have extended our customer base into the Power Generation and Mining sectors as well as Infrastructure projects. This demonstrates the flexibility of the solution and the ease of use our customers have in adopting it for their asset operations.

We have an enviable set of features and capability in our Datum360 solution which allows it to act as a single source of truth and trusted data backbone for our customers to unify their engineering and asset data from multiple sources. The ability to view their data as a Digital Twin is impressive and keeps us at the leading edge of technology development in this field.

I would like to thank the professionalism, dedication and commitment of the Datum360 team who are working on projects all around the world, for delivering a great year and delivering successful projects with our customers.

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